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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Michael Fatutoa "Samoan Mike" Tattoo Artists Gallery

About Michael Fatutoa "Samoan Mike"

The name is Dennis Mata'afa born and raised on the island of American Samoa into a family of eleven...my parents Mr. and Mrs. Ernerst and June Thompson...my beautiful sisters Katie, Lotoa, Landy, Divine, and Lisa...brothers Chris, Bert, and Pino not to include extended ties. My childhood consists of memories spent with my aiga in the village of Fagatogo where my talent as an artist began to flourish at an early age. I can still remember my siblings surrounding me while drawing cartoon faces and gothic images on our kitchen table. Those were the good ole days!

I left home in search of better opportunities and the only regret I have is leaving my family. I lived in hawaii for ahwile before I landed in Vegas which is where I had the privilege of meeting the talented and amazing Michael Fatutoa who took me under his wing and mentored me as one of his own. He has not only been an inspiration to me, but a great influence on my artwork creativity. I now have the honor of working side by side with Michael Fatutoa himself and another artist by the name of Clayton Mees in our Las Vegas shop called "Sacred Center Tattoo". Feel free to come by anytime to experience our way of life through art. I look forward to expanding my career as a tattoo artist in hopes that someday I too will have a signature to remind people that art whether it be on paper or on ur being, is a beautiful expression of life itself. I give glory, praise, and honor to God for blessing me

Michael Fatutoa "Samoan Mike" Gallery

Gallery Tattoo Artist by Michael Fatutoa "Samoan Mike"

Image Source from sacredcentertattoo.com

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